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Sustainable Materials for Interior Design

Following the current trends has us researching the latest sustainable materials that you can incorporate into your interior design.

Not only can you lower your ecological footprint with eco-friendly materials, but you can also add a new, fresh and exciting feel to your home.

Keep in mind that recycling, upcycling and repurposing the items you already have lowers your waste and contributes to the overall health of the environment.

If you’re trying to make a big statement and even bigger environmental impact with the design of your space, Shore Bluff Realty has the latest and greatest sustainable materials that you need to incorporate into your home.

Sustainable Interior Design Materials

Utilizing the sunlight, repainting and repurposing your current furnishings are awesome ways to stay environmentally sustainable.

Here are other ecological materials that you can use around your space to stay environmentally conscious:


Bamboo is at the top of our list of green materials because it’s strong, fast-growing, functional and also very stylish for the home.

You can incorporate bamboo into the interior or exterior of your space, as it is a great base for furniture, planters, or decorations.

Natural Stone

No matter your taste, natural stone never goes out of style.

Stone is one of the most versatile materials that you can use inside or outside of your space.

Travertine is typically used on porches, pool decks, or walkways outdoors, while marble is used in bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms indoors.

If neither of those appeal to you, there are plenty more to choose from: Limestone, Granite, Basalt, Sandstone, Quartz, along with numerous others.

Stones also come in a variety of patterns, colors and cuts, so everyone is guaranteed to find a style that they like.

Take it one step further and purchase your tile or terrazzo with pre- or post-consumer recycled content in it. Less waste from others’ design items, plus more renewable materials throughout your home to ensure your sustainability.


You may have noticed cork on your office bulletin board, but rest assured, you can use this sustainable material various other ways.

Get fun with it and incorporate cork into your walls, floors, and furnishings.

We’re not suggesting that you go and buy a ton of cork material to attempt at making a lamp out of it. Although, more and more designers are including cork into their designs for a unique, rustic look.

(Some) Textiles

Not all textiles are as sustainable as you may think, however, wool, linen and hemp are the most ecological.

There is a lot of fabric throughout your home; curtains, pillows, bedding, rugs, tablecloths, blankets, you name it.

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, den, dining room, or wherever else, you have a variety of ways to incorporate sustainable textiles throughout your household.

Depending on the style of your interior design, every textile looks, feels and functions differently, so you have room to get creative by adding unique elements to your space.


One of the most timeless and endlessly sustainable materials is glass.

You can integrate glass into any room, no matter the ambiance.

If you prefer a more modern style, glass is your answer. If you prefer a more classic style, glass can also be your answer.

Whether you’d like to use glass throughout your cabinets, stairs, shower, doorknobs, countertops, or even your refrigerator, there are plenty of ways to get creative with this eco-friendly material.

Recycled Aluminum

Aluminum may not be everyone’s preference, however, the material is very functional and sustainable.

If you’re not ready to make a statement by using aluminum in your fine art or sculptures, select a few accent pieces that you can subtly decorate your home with instead.

Sustainable Materials in Interior Design

There are countless ways to make your home design more sustainable for the environment.

While some ideas may be more appealing to you than others, even making a small change will end up ultimately contributing to the planet’s overall health.

Share with us your favorite ideas or even some that we missed, on our website!

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