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8 Tips to Decorate Your Home During the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Wonderful? 2020? It’s not possible… It just can’t be.

It is safe to admit that we could all use a little more Christmas spirit to boost our morale during this exhaustingly hectic year.

For some of us, 2020 has been a beacon of hope, hope for a better, healthier world, and for others, 2020 has been nothing but a madhouse.

Either way, there’s no better approach to get into the holiday spirit than with some exciting, holiday decorating ideas.

Some may feel that there are other ways to get into the Christmas spirit, but for those of you focused on creating a dreamy, warm holiday environment for family and friends to step into, this blog’s for you!

Jane is Shore Bluff Realty’s very own, who has the experience to land your Madison dream home, and knowledge to elevate your Wisconsin home décor beyond luxury, greatness and elegance.

Get in the Christmas spirit and engulf yourself into the Shore Bluff Realty’s world of holidays decorating ideas.

Ideas for Christmas Home Décor

At Shore Bluff Realty, we’re dedicated to finding our clients the Madison, WI, home that they have always dreamed of.

Our experienced staff at Shore Bluff Realty has the design background, contracting experience, aesthetic strengths and community knowledge to achieve your residential dreams as seamlessly and professionally as possible.

Holiday decorations are one of our favorite topics at Shore Bluff Realty and this year, we’re going all out.

Besides, how much worse can 2020 get? It’s about time we spread our wings and take our chances.

Don’t worry, we’re still talking about holiday decorations here.

Shore Bluff Realty’s ideas for Christmas home décor have the power to impress your houseguests and spruce up any space, no matter what size or style it is.

Elevate your interior space with festive decorations and Shore Bluff Realty’s ideas for Christmas home décor:

1. Decorate the Outside of Your Home with Garlands – Garlands are a fun, easy and charming way of adding the Christmas spirit to the exterior of your home. You can also incorporate Christmas lights into the garlands to emerge your luminously festive home throughout the neighborhoods of Madison.

2. Christmas Wreath DIY – Nothing screams, “Holiday spirit!” like a fresh, evergreen Christmas wreath. Creating your own Christmas wreath from scratch is actually more straightforward than you may think. All you need is some foliage, twine, a grapevine wreath, and your choice of whatever other holiday accents that you’d like to add; berries, twigs, pinecones, ribbons, herbs, and more. The grapevine wreath will act as your foundation while the foliage and holiday accents will bring out the Christmas spirit in the décor.

3. Fireplace Garland – What better way to dress up your fireplace than with a decorative, holiday garland? A fireplace already looks the part on its own; it’s cozy, elegant and intimate. By adding a garland to your fireplace, it will awaken the room and liven up the holiday mood even more.

4. Flower Poinsettia Accents – The ultimate flowers for Christmas, poinsettias are easy to incorporate in the holiday decorations throughout your home. Their crimson hue adds to any styled home to enhance the overall, holiday ambiance.

5. Ribbons on Christmas Tree – Incorporating ribbons and ornaments on your Christmas tree will heighten the holiday spirit throughout your home. Like most of the holiday decorations that we have already mentioned, adding ribbons on Christmas trees is quick and easy. Buy the colored ribbon that you’d like, trim it into 3 to 4-foot pieces, and tie them onto your Christmas tree in desired areas. We have just one warning: don’t overdo it with the ribbons. Less is more because it can get tacky real fast.

6. Match the Porch Christmas Lights to the Porch Flower Pots – Everyone appreciates decorative coordination. Boost the holiday spirit of your home’s exterior by matching the Christmas lights on your porch with a couple, outdoor flower pots. We prefer to place two, large flower pots on either side of the front door to invite your guests with a jolly, Christmas mood.

7. Holiday Dining Room Table – Some people love to house large, extravagant dining room tables that make you wonder, “How many people do they even know?” Whether they are big or small, dining room tables can be challenging to decorate for the holidays. What do I put on the table? Am I supposed to set the entire table even if it isn’t being used? Should I change out the holiday decorations on the table every day? Shore Bluff Realty suggests that you set the table with silverware and glassware for when you are using the table, otherwise, holiday candles, a holiday table runner, Christmas tablecloth, poinsettias in an elegant flower pot are just enough to spruce up your holiday dining room table.

8. Decorate with Christmas Cards – Personalize your holiday home décor with the Christmas cards that you have received that year. Cut a piece of soft leather into a strip and staple your Christmas cards to it. Hang the strip of cards with a small nail at the top and hide the nail by knotting the leather over the nail. Removing the cards is simple so you can reuse the leather each year, plus it’s a unique way to decorate your home for the holidays!

Holiday Home Christmas Décor

Shore Bluff Realty promises to perform above and beyond for the needs and desires of our clients, every single day.

At Shore Bluff Realty, we’re anything but your average realtor.

We care for our clients and will only steer them in the right direction based on our real estate knowledge and experiences.

At Shore Bluff Realty, we can do everything real estate related. From finding your dream home to selling and marketing your old home, Shore Bluff can do it all in between, and we invite you to take a peek at our homes for sale in Madison, WI.

Shore Bluff Realty, we’re the realtors committed to you.

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